The Gateway Company
of Missouri

6425 Graham Rd.
St. Louis, MO 63134



Kelly Houston: Manager/Member

Kelly has been in the industrial painting industry since 1983. He started as a helper with Clark Painting Company and gas worked his way up through the levels of increased responsibility. He is a Level III, NACE Certified Coating Inspector (#1531) and has had hands on experience with all types of abrasive blasting, special coatings, tank linings and fireproofing.

Casey Richins: Manager/Member

Casey has been in the coatings industry since 1986 and has successfully held all field painting positions. Prior to that he was in the oil field industry for seven years. Casey has received NACE Certified Coating Inspector Training and has secured his certification from both SSPC and the University of Utah as a Supervisor/Competent Person for lead paint abatement projects.

Blaine Shirk: Superintendent

Blaine is currently the Superintendent and oversees the day-to-day operation of foremen and crews. Blaine has received SSPC C5 Certification, SSPC CAS and NACE Inspection (level 1).